• What kind of products and services do you offer?

    We create invitations, illustrations, save the date cards, menus, seating charts, table numbers, handmade envelopes, personalised sealing wax stamps, hand bound guest books and several manual finishing techniques.

  • What is wedding or event stationery anyway?

    Stationery commonly refers to writing and office supplies. However within Graphic Design it refers to those same items conforming to certain graphic guidelines. When talking about weddings and special events it refers to invitation suites, wax seal stamps, seating charts, labels and much more.

  • How are your products made?

    Most of our products come to life mainly through digital printing and several hand-finishing techniques such as cutting, gluing, wax sealing and more.

  • Do you offer other printing methods?

    Yes, we can outsource other printing methods, however keep in mind that their production costs are always higher. In such cases, we kindly ask you decide early on a stationery budget and to disclose it to us upfront, as it will be mandatory to discuss it with the printer.

  • Where are you products made?

    We use only fine papers made either in Italy or in the UK. We use printing services provided by companies across Coimbra, Portugal. The products are finished by hand in our home studio.

  • What are exactly one-offs? How do they work?

    Our one-offs are exclusive products, almost always invitations. Once you buy them they will be yours only and no other couple will be able to get them.

  • When should we order our invitations?

    You should order your invitations after deciding on and scheduling: 1 - date and time; 2 - the places were to hold your ceremony and reception; 3 - the names being displayed on the invitation (if only yours or also your parents'); 4 - the number of invitations needed, allowing for keepsakes and last minute guests.

  • ... what about bespoke services?

    Please allow a 3-month timeframe for the development of bespoke projects (excluding shipping). If you wish to match your invitation suite to another wedding detail such as flowers, please contact the designated supplier beforehand as well. In this particular case we would advise you to talk to your floral designer so as to make sure your choice is possible both is terms of availability and affordability.

  • How can we find a concept for our invitations?

    If you already have in mind something like a theme, a certain colour scheme or even a detail, we already have something to work with and the project will grow organically from it. If you do not know what to do at all, we can ask you some questions and help you find out something that represents you as a couple.

  • How much does a bespoke project cost?

    Bespoke projects start from 350 euros (€). The estimated amount will take into consideration the number of hours needed to develop the project, the number of review moments deemed necessary, our transportation expenses and service outsoursing, as well as taxes. Most of couples that order this type of service usually spend around 700 euros.

  • Is it possible to go bespoke on a small budget?

    A tight budget does imply foregoing a bespoke project, requiring however flexibility and a certain willingness to give in. It will always be more expensive to produce an invitation with laser cutting, foil stamping or spot varnish on the so-called creative papers or acetate, than to digitally print on a white or cream fine paper. It will also be logically more expensive to develop a full stationery suite than to create only an invitation with matching envelope.

  • How can we save on stationery costs?

    You can tell us about your budget constraints upfront so that we can offer you suitable solutions right away. Do simplify and give in when needed - having an extremely well defined idea of what you want will always make you spend more money, not only on stationery but also on flowers, decorations and so on. Choose standard formats and digital printing as both allow you to save on printing costs. You may consider foregoing some stationery items or to bypass printing stationery altogether, opting for a digital solution.

  • Where do you work?

    We work from home and sometimes even on the move. One day we hope to have a physical space but for the time being this option allows Oficina to grow in a sustained way.


  • Do you offer any services to trade professionals?

    We are able to create identities from scratch and to freshen up brands in need of a new look. We gladly create business cards and other printed products for small businesses and freelancers: event planners, photographers, floral designers, seamstresses, make-up artists, hairstylists, bakers and all others feeling a connection with our graphic language.

  • Are you available for collaborations?

    Yes, we are always open to being approached by other professionals sharing from our business values.

  • Would you like to participate in my editorial?

    We love this kind of projects! Please get in touch with Cândida through candida [at] oficinaprimavera.com in order to discuss the details.